Vivia Aromathérapy is a Quebec company that offers products based on essential oils or other plant extracts for healthy, effective, efficient and easy to use products for the well being of body and mind. Vivia sprays are beautiful alternatives to conventional products, with simple and authentic formulas.



New product : Vivia BED SPRAY, 120 ml, 19.99 $

Product based on essential oils with calming, soothing and sedative properties which promotes sllep.

Ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic and pure essential oil of true lavander, Organic Stryrax, Benzoine absolute, vegetable emulsifier.



New product : Vivia FRESH AND LIGHT SPRAY Feet and Legs, 75 ml, 14.95 $

  • Contains antibacterial essential oils that prevent perspiration odors.
  • Also contains circulatory & tonic essential oils which activate blood circulation and prevent the feeling of heavy legs
  • Use on the feet and lower legs after shower or bath
  • Use also to change bad odors in your shoes and boots.

Ingredients: Water, Alcohol, Pure and Organic essential oil of tee Tree, Rosemary cineol, Cypress, Peppermint and Petigrain



Vivia TRAVEL SPARY, 120 ml, 19.99 $

Product based on essential oils and antibacterial disinfectant. Can be used while traveling, as a disinfectant for different objects or hands.

Ingredients: Water, lavender essential oil, Lemon essential oil, essential oil Tea tree, vegetable emulsifier (polysorbate or Solubol).



Vivia CALMING B-ROLL, 10 ml, 19.99 $

Product based on essential oils to calm, soothe, relax. Useful for children over two years.

Ingredients: Vitis vinifera seed oil, Citrus sinensis dulcis peel oil, Citrus reticulata peel oil, Citrus peel oil bergamia.

In the same collection Vivia B-Roll you will find three other interesting products: ” My head ” (for headaches and migraines), ” My Bite ” (for insect bites and itchy skin) and ” My cold and Sinus “(for colds and congested sinuses).



Arnica lovers, if you want to explore something other than gel or pomade, here is Arnica Cream by Laboratoires de Monceaux recommended for massage to soften, relax and beautify bruised skin. 120 ml, $ 13.

Ingredients: Arnica Oil, Calendula, Echinacea.



Another multipurpose product by Laboratoires de Monceaux is the Melisa-Lemon herbal tea, refreshing, purifying and at the same time a mosquito repellent. 50 ml, $ 13.

Ingredients: purified water, vegetable glycerin, essential oils of melissa, lemon, clove.



Fir Bush Ointment, Savonnerie des diligenges, 30 ml,  $ 11.99 recommended for all wounds that could possibly get infected, against mosquito bites and to relieve hemorroids.

Ingredients : Organic Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Balsam Fir, Eastern white-cedar, Goldenrod, White Pine and Helichrysum Italian essential oils.




Bohemia CALMALOTION Reduces Inflammation, Redness and Itching, 60 ml, 11.14 $

This non-greasy 100% natural anti-septic and anti-bacteria lotion reduces inflammation, redness and itching. It also helps in the healing of wounds.

Ingredients :  *Aloe barbadensis (aloe vera) jus,  *Helianthus annuus oil,  *Calendula officinalis flower extract, *Hypericum perforatum flower extract, Vegetable Glycerine, *Aniba rosaeodora Essential Oil, Cupressus sempervirens, Melaleuca alternifolia, Mentha arvensis, Agar, Tocopherol (vit. E), Citrus grandis seed oil

* USDA certified organic


Bohemia ANTIMOSQUITO non-greasy Lotion, protects against bites from insects, 60 ml, 10.29 $

This Lemon eucalyptus and Soybean oil lotion will moisturize your skin and keep mosquito and black flies away. For daily use during outdoor activities: gardening, sports and outdoor home work. Ingredients 100% natural, 60 % organic.


Ingredients : Purified Water from Québec, *Eucalyptus citriodora Essential Oil, *Mentha piperata flower water, Isopropyl Alcohol, *Soja (Soybean) Oil, *Pelargonim graveaolens (Geranium) Essential Oil, *Mentha arvensis (Mint) Essential Oil, *Lavandula officinalis (Lavender), *Aniba Rosaeodora (Rosewood) Eseential oil, Citrus grandis seed extrct

* USDA certified organic

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