Creating an Inviting Casino Environment to Encourage Gambling and Pleasure

How to Create a Casino Playground

Casino playground is a unique, immersive gambling experience that will leave you and your friends wanting more. This first-of-its-kind large-scale gamified experience is perfect for families, groups and couples.

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If you want to make your casino an enticing and liberating place for gambling, the right lighting is essential. The lighting you choose should be warm and calming to create a sense of comfort for your guests. This will allow them to focus on the games and feel more relaxed when they win or lose.

Bright lights with cool temperatures tend to excite people and encourage them to take risks, so they should be avoided in a casino setting. Instead, choose warmer colors in the yellow range to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Some casinos are embracing a new design style that’s known as the playground design. This approach, pioneered by Roger Thomas and Steve Wynn, throws traditional casino design out the window and focuses on pleasing customers with luxurious, exciting decor. It’s an innovative idea that appeals to human psychology by encouraging players to gamble more.


Using an audio system to play music in the casino can be a great way to encourage gamblers. The music can be upbeat or low-key, depending on the type of mood that is desired. For example, vintage tracks may work well when trying to evoke feelings of glamour or old Hollywood style. Other casinos might prefer a playlist of popular songs that make players feel lucky.

Avoiding natural light and making it difficult to get lost goes against typical goals of casino design, but Thomas and Wynn were determined to create an environment that would encourage gamblers. This strategy proved successful and helped them bring in more profits than any other casino in Vegas history. This approach is now known as the casino playground design.

Visual media

In addition to lighting, visual media can shape a casino’s environment. These can be images, video screens, or other visual stimuli. These are especially effective for players who prefer to be entertained by their surroundings. They can also help people who have trouble with auditory stimulation.

Roger Thomas created a new design style for casinos that he called playground design. This style threw out traditional casino design rules and relied on design psychology to encourage gambling addiction. The design included wide open spaces and sky lights, exotic artwork, grand clocks, and silk fabrics. It was designed to make gamblers feel like they are part of a community rather than isolated and boxed in.

Researchers found that macro casino design has a significant impact on at-risk gambling intention and pleasure. Specifically, the playground design had a greater effect on pleasure, and this relationship was fully mediated by restoration. The restorative effects of the gaming design were not as strong.


The environment in a casino is important to keep guests engaged and feeling relaxed. It can be dark and mysterious, or it can have bright lights that create a sense of excitement and energy. This type of environment can help people stay longer and spend more money.

In a study, gamblers responded to videos depicting casino scenarios with different macro casino design and decor elements. They rated the stimuli based on their overall judgments of the gambling setting and their perceived vulnerability to problem gambling behaviour. The results showed that both the macro casino design and sound (music vs. ambient casino noise) had significant effects on ARGIS and restoration, and the combination of these factors was even more powerful than their individual effects.

The playground design created by Roger Thomas is an example of how casinos can use environmental design to impress and restore players. This can lead to greater profits for the casino, as well as a more enjoyable experience for the gambler.

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